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Sheet Metal Componets


 Rocker Arm Screws

Offering rocker arm screws and self locking screws :

- Rocker arm screws are the components of valve trend use in conjunction with the rocker arm to adjust the engine valve setting.

- Self locking screws where lock-nut are not required for fine setting of engine.

 Grub Screw
We are offering Grub Screw

- Sizes: M4 to M16 (Larger Sizes Also Available On Request)
- Lengths: 5 to 40 mm
- Materials: MS,Stainless Steel ,Hight tensile 8.8.


 Self Locking Screws

Offering self locking screws :

- Self locking screws where Lock-nut are not required for fine setting of engine.


We are engaged in manufacturing a qualitative assortment of precision engineered components. These components are manufactured using qualitative grades of steel and brass. These components are widely used in two wheelers and pressure sensors.


We are manufactures of all types of Rivets in Copper(Cu), Aluminum(Al), Brass and Mild Steel(MS).

- We cater to Home Appliances Industries, Automobile and Wiper manf. Industries, Switchgears Industries etc.


 Turned Components

Offering Turned Components:
Our next best product includes Turned Components. Turned components are basically manufactured either on Automate or CNC turning centers or with conventional turning with milling and grinding. Our products are manufactured from the best quality raw materials which include- Sheet Metal, Round Bar and Forging. The turned components we manufacture are durable and appreciated by our clients in domestic as well as international markets.

 Engine Valve

Valves are offered from a wide range of materials, such as: EN24(BS817M40), EN52(BS401s45), 21-4N(BS349S52) etc. made by metal gathering upset forging process and Bimetallic valves are Friction welded. Various process like Chrome flash on stem, Stellite on seat and tip area, Nitriding/Tuftriding, are also offered.

 Bus Bar Links
We are offering Bus Bar Links.

Bus bars links are produced to the detailed specifications of our customers. We are one of the largest copper fabricators of copper bus bars in India. Our business involves copper and we offer a variety of metalworking capabilities.


 Worm Drive Hose Clamp

We are offering worm drive hose clamp :

- Worm Drive Hose Clamp with high clamping pressure and low tightening torque for use in general purpose applications. We manufacture different types of worm drive hose clamp like worm hose clamp, worm drive thumb screw clamps, thumb screw hose clamps with OEM specifications and these are available with various band widths, clamping diameters and in compliance with Indian and international standards. The precise designing and construct of these stainless steel worm clamps, worm drive V-clamps, stainless steel clamp assures uniform pressure distribution. We make use of minimal use of zinc plating as per environment protection norms.

 Fix Nut Bolt Clamps

We are offering fix nut bolt clamps :

- Fix nut bolt clamps, we offer are suitable for applications in Heavy engines, Tractors, Pneumatic connections, Electrical assemblies etc. We offer both standard and customized Fix nut bolt clamps and meet the OE specifications of widths, thickness, materials, surface finishing etc. Use of superior quality ferrous and non - ferrous metals(Stainless steel, brass, mild steel, copper and aluminum etc.) makes our range appropriate for different application. These are durable fix nut bolt clamps with good compressibility and material strength.

 Wiper Shaft

Offering Wiper Shaft:

- We are one of the well known manufacturers of a wide range of Wiper Shaft. These precision engineered products are durable have sturdy construction and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The shafts are available in various sizes and shapes and can be customized as per the clients requirement.

 MS Worm Drive Hose Clamps
Offering MS worm drive hose clamps :

- Our company is a leading manufacturer of MS worm drive hose clamp with ISO 9001 quality certification.

* Salient Features of Worm Hose Clamp :
High torque strength values, assures safety against dangerous slippage.
Uniform radial clamping pressure all over the hose engagement area.
Long life
High clamping pressure Low tightening torque
Corrosion resistance.
Highest clamping range for emergency use at smaller size applications.
Vibration-proof quality by worm drive principle avoids risk of leakage.
High band flexibility provide self adjustment with mounting hose.


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